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Even if you don’t think vaccines and autism are related … these are some staggering numbers!




12/10 best response to this idiocy.

correlation does not equal causation dumbasses

Those are the best graphs ever.

I want to put these graphs in my thesis

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Violence & Silence: Jackson Katz, Ph.D at TEDxFiDiWomen …

Excellent.  Absolutely excellent, and the very best part, the part where he nailed it because I could never get past all the rest, is identifying that we need to ask questions about John, about what is going on with men.

I agree with the above statement, we need to start figuring out why men are hitting women, why are they raping women, and why a lot of them aren’t taking responsibility in it. You can have all of these women self defense classes and shit to get people to learn how to defend themselves from these acts but until you attack this at the root it’s just going to keep growing back.

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Thank you Disney. It took 70 years and a push from Pixar, but you FINALLY gave us a mother/daughter adventure.

Bless you for not killing her/making her evil/pushing her off to the side.

I just want to take a moment to have some serious gushing about the symbolism in this movie, because this gifset is actually really good for it. I was watching the commentary the other day after buying this  movie, and there’s a point where they mention how you can TELL Elinor used to be feisty and quite fiery in her youth, much like her very headstrong daughter, but everything about her now is that of a dignified lady who has had to rein herself in to be the diplomat for their kingdom.

Early in the film, you see her walk in a very closed fashion. She holds herself tightly, does not gesture broadly, rarely speaks up. Even her weighted, heavy dress and the way she wears her hair show her as being restrained by the duties she has put upon herself.

Then… the events of the movie occur, and in the end, you see her in a loose flowing dress that seems almost more like something Merida would wear. She’s excitable, going out and doing things with her daughter, and her long hair is no longer tied back, but instead neatly pinned and flowing. In essence, Elinor herself opened up. She let go and found herself becoming more accepting.

Merida wasn’t the only person who learned a lesson about family and responsibility in this movie. Elinor learned that she had to let go now and then in order to relate to, and to understand, her daughter better. It wasn’t just Merida growing up, it was Elinor finding that middle ground and standing firmly on it, supporting her daughter’s beliefs when she realized that Merida wasn’t the only one who hadn’t listened.

She hadn’t, either, and Merida was not the only one at fault. The result was not just a one sided lesson, but a beautiful, rounded story of a mother and a daughter finding out that their differences are what really make them so alike, and finding that place to stand together. Maybe they won’t always see eye to eye, but they’ve now learned that they must have open conversation and understanding to hold their family together, and both women grew up immensely in that moment of realization.

In short: it’s not just my own Scottish heritage that makes me love this movie. It’s that this film is so indicative of the relationships so many young women feel themselves in with their mothers, and I personally am no exception. Elinor and Merida speak to women and daughters everywhere, young and old, and the lesson they learn is one we can all adhere to, no matter how hard it sometimes feels to accept that.

I have something in my eye.

Remember when I went to go see this movie with my mom and she had no idea what it was going to be about because she wanted to see “snow white and the huntsman” instead? And then ALL WE DID WAS HOLD HANDS AND CRY???

It actually really, really frustrates me sometimes because every single one of my male friends wrinkle their nose when this movie comes up as one of my favourite Pixar films of all time. They’re all like, ‘the story though - the story wasn’t interesting’ and I just want to strangle them and go, ‘to you maybe, but that might be because for THE FUCKING FIRST TIME PIXAR ACTUALLY SPOKE DIRECTLY TO A FEMALE AUDIENCE AND THEY FUCKING NAILED IT SO HARD THE HOUSE FELL THE FUCK DOWN’.

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BeeLine Reader

This extension really does seem to help with reading long pieces of text on a laptop or mobile device screen; apparently I read 27% faster with it! It’s a pretty interesting, yet simple, concept. Give it a try, might help ya.

Get it here

this could have made research projects so much easier. I could never get through online articles.

do you realize how much more i would be inclined to read and study a textbook if they were printed like this?

holy shit I would actually be able to read again

hi my eyes naturally cross and because of the eye training I received in elementary school, it is literally impossible for me to learn to speed-read. So I’m a slow-ass reader

this looks fucking awesome 

This looks fantastic the only problem I have with is the color red is hard for me to read. I don’t know why, but bright red seems to vibrate when I try and read it. 

because the biggest thing about reading is we should do it FASTER?

the bright red is hard on my eyes, but guess what, they also have a dark version, a grayscale, and a blue/purple. i grabbed the blue/purple, tested it out, it works on ao3, i’m going to love reading fic there even more now.

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I have finally finished it and now I am so proud I want to cry rivers of my proud, proud tears.

I’m Really really sorry for it turning out so angsty..But no, I am lying, I am not sorry. Not one bit. I was going to draw some happy ending or something to make the angst easier, but it won over me.

In the end the song *changes*, so just ignore that. I couldn’t find the version I have without it that part that would be less that 10mb:[

the end.

thank you for *watching* and sorry for everyone who isn’t in hoo fandom and had to scroll through that:0

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